Former WBO and IBC Heavyweight Champion Tommy “The Duke” Morrison will make a return to the boxing ring this week when he takes on Corey Williams in Laramie, WY and MMANews.com was able to speak with “The Duke” prior to his bout in a MMANews.com Exclusive interview that will be appearing on the site later this week. Althought the interview focused mainly on Morrison’s boxing career and his return, MMANews.com was able to get to the bottom of his short lived MMA career that spanned one fight before coming to a halt.

“That was just a favor for a friend of mine who was the promoter. It was just a striking match. We weren’t going to go to the ground or anything like that. It stirred a lot of shit up and people thought that I was going to get involved in MMA but it was never going to happen and I never really had any intentions of staying with it. I’m just going to stick to what I know.”

Around the time of Morrison’s foray in the mixed martial arts world, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell appeared on a Dallas morning news show and in an interview that would infamously go down as on of the most interesting interviews from Liddell, he would call out Morrison and now Morrison looks back on that moment,

“Oh Chuck Liddell, he wouldn’t last thirty seconds in there with me and he knows it and everybody should know it. Chuck Liddell needs to learn how to take a punch before he even considers stepping in the ring with someone like me. That goes for all these MMA guys. You can’t just get in there and think you are the baddest son of a bitch in the world without being conditioned to take a shot. If you get nailed on the chin you are going to go down. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Stiff words for MMA fighters out there but Morrison is not a hater of the sport, in fact, the card that he will be fighting on January 31st is a co-promotion of MMA and boxing.

“I enjoy the sport, yeah. As a matter of fact there is a big UFC (UFC 94) the same night I am fighting but the great thing about my fight is that it will be available for three days after the event so you can go online and watch it at gofightlive.tv and it’s only six bucks for the whole show.”

The complete interview with “The Duke” will be available this week on MMANews.com and be sure to check out Morrison’s return to the boxing ring this weekend. For more information about the card visit gofightlive.tv or Morrison’s myspace page by clicking HERE


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