Gegard Moussasi Plans Move To 205lbs, Possibly Heavyweight

DREAM Middleweight Grand Prix winner Gegard Moussasi tells MMA Universe that a move up to light heavyweight or possibly even heavyweight is on the horizon:

“I'm moving up a division so I'm now at 216, 217 pounds,” said 23 year-old Mousasi. “I'm going to train a little bit more with weights and I'm aiming for 235 eventually. If I can make the weight well I may go straight to heavyweight but I think first the smartest thing to do is go to light heavyweight and then to heavyweight.”

“To me the next challenge is to move up a division. It's not because I don't see middleweight as a challenge but because my body's getting bigger. I always came down, came down and because of my age my body's getting bigger and bigger. It's something that I needed to do. I think the timing is good to go up.”


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