Jaime Varner Not Happy With Fan Reaction Following Win

WEC Lightweight Champ Jaime Varner was a guest on Pro MMA Radio and offered the following after being booed during his post fight interview at WEC 38:

“My medical bills are going to be way more than what I made in this fight. I had to get a bunch of X-Rays done, a CAT scan, I had to go get surgery on my hand, I’m gonna have to get my foot casted, I have to go back to the doctor and have my eyes checked out again, all that stuff adds up. It’s crazy that people can sit there and talk shit about me when they have no idea what I did [on Sunday night]. I laid it all on the line, I put my body through Hell. My hand’s broken, I can noly walk, my foot’s broken, I’m on crutches and I got a cast on my hand. I don’t know what the hell people wanted from me. It’s crazy.”


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