Matt Hughes Picks BJ Penn Over GSP, If He's In Shape

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, who has defeated and lost to both of this weekeneds UFC 94 main eventers BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre, gives his thoughts on who will win the fight via his blog

“This weekend is the GSP/BJ rematch, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews on this topic, since I’ve fought both of them (lost to both and beat them both). I think this fight comes down to a lot of things, I think GSP will have a slight wrestling advantage and I think BJ will have a submission advantage. GSP might be a little quicker with his punches; but I believe BJ has more power and has a stronger chin. If BJ shows up in good shape, I think he can get his hand raised at the end. If BJ doesn’t show up in good shape, then he might have some problems.”


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