UFC 94 Results: Chris Wilson vs. John Howard

From Sherdog.com:

Round 1
The fighters circle. Right leg kick by Howard. Howard scores a quick takedown. They're back up. They swing for the fences but miss. Howard is pressing forward. Right leg kick by Wilson. Pace slows. They clinch and Wilson pins him against fence. They break free and both miss wild hooks. Howard slips from a leg kick but he's up. Wilson latches on a standing guillotine but it’s not deep. Howard slithers out and pulls guard. Hard right hand by Wilson, but Howard smiles and trash talks. After a mad scramble, Howard reverses and scores a takedown. Referee Herb Dean quickly stands them. Huge slam by Howard from the clinch late. Very close round. 10-9 Wilson.

Round 2
A huge right leg kick staggers Wilson seconds into the round. Howard explodes but can't finish him. Wilson falls and Howard jumps onto him, but Wilson able to pull guard. Howard lets him back up. Howard scores another takedown. In Wilson’s guard, Howard lands a few punches. Wilson is able to stand back up. Howard brings him back down. Wilson’s face swollen. Howard lands two more right hands. Pace slows. Howard looks tired late. Howard misses a right and a left haymaker and is slammed down. Wilson hammers in some elbows and gusts from with Howard guard. Both men look very tired. Howard explodes and sweeps Wilson. Good round; very close. 10-9 Howard.

Round 3
A flying knee by Wilson is blocked. Wilson tries a takedown but Howard scrambles and takes his back. Wilson postures for an escape. They scramble but Howard locks on a rear-naked choke. It’s deep. Wilson is defending well. He breaks the choke but can't escape Howard’s body triangle. Wilson scrambles and sweeps him, reversing positions. Howard pulls guard but quickly sweeps his opponent. Wilson thinks about a heel hook, but Howard scrambles back up before he can latch it. Howard scores a takedown very late. Round ends with Howard in Wilson’s guard. Very close round. 10-9 Howard.

The official scores read: 29-28 Howard, 29-28 Wilson and 29-28 for Howard.


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