UFC 94 Results: Jake O'Brien vs. Christian Wellisch

From Sherdog.com:

Round 1
Christian Wellisch walks to the cage to “Do you Really Want to Hurt Me” by the Culture Club. The crowd roars with laughter.

Wellisch lands a right hand immediately. O’Brien stumbles down and turtles. He's okay. He's up and tags Wellisch with a right. Wellisch drops and turtles while O’Brien tees off. Wellisch scrambles toward the fence and pulls guard. O’Brien backs away after a stalemate. Good left hook by Wellisch, but O’Brien is unfazed. Terrible double leg attempt by Wellisch. Wellisch pulls guard. Very little action. Referee Yves Levigne finally stands them. Both measuring each other. They clinch and Wellisch tries to pull guard again. 10-9 O’Brien.

Round 2
They paw jabs early. They fight at a measured pace. Nothing clean lands a minute in. The crowd is starting to boo. O’Brien tries a takedown, but is stuffed. O’Brien scores a double leg and scoop slams Wellisch. O’Brien is now in Wellisch's guard against fence. Nothing is happening. O’Brien stands and backs away. Little action on the feet. Good double leg takedown by O’Brien with less than a minute left. Wellisch is now bleeding from his nose. Wellisch scrambles up. Decent right cross by Wellisch at the bell. 10-9 O’Brien.

Round 3
They circle and jab immediately though nothing lands cleanly. O’Brien scores a quick single leg takedown. Wellisch scrambles back up. They trade left jabs. Wellisch's nose is bleeding pretty badly again. Another strong double leg takedown by O’Brien. He stands and backs away. They box again. Very little action. Decent left hook by O’Brien. Blood is pouring out if Wellisch's nose. Blood is sprayed all over the matt. O’Brien scores another big takedown. O’Brien stands and Wellisch scrambles up. Wellisch stuffs a late takedown attempt. 10-9 O’Brien.

The official scores are: 29-28 Wellisch, 29-28 O’Brien, 29-28 O’Brien. The crowd boos.


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