UFC 94 Results: Manny Gamburyan vs. Thiago Tavares

From Sherdog.com:

Round 1
Both fighters are very intense and ready to go. Manvel lands a straight right hand 45 seconds in. It forces Tavares down. Manvel pulls guard. Manvel tries a kimura but Thiago defends. Manvel has the kimura deep again and Thiago lifts him up with the it sunk. He drops him and the lock is broken. Thiago back in Manvel's guard. Gamburyan scrambles up and from a clinch scores a wizzer. But Thiago still has his back and stands back up. Gamburyan turns around and has his back against the fence. Hard takedown by Tavares. Some decent hammer fists from Thiago. 10-9 Gamburyan.

Round 2
Good takedown by Thiago. They stand after a scramble. Gamburyan scores a takedown and is in Thiago's guard. Not too much action. Some good punches by Gamburyan. Referee Josh Rosenthal finally stands them. Both guys miss wild hay makers. Gamburyan stuffs a takedown. Thiago fighting for a single-leg takedown. 10-9 for Gamburyan.

Round 3
Gamburyan has a takedown stuffed. And another. Thiago is fighting for another single, but Gamburyan defends. They swing for the fences but miss. A big right hand by Thiago rocks Gamburyan. Thiago can't finish him. It’s turned into a kickboxing match. A big knee from Thiago after he stuffed a takedown. Gamburyan is desperate. He's swinging wildly but misses them all. Good jab by Thiago. Thiago is backing away to disengage. Round ends with Gamburyan stalking him. 10-9 Thiago.

All three official judges score it 29-28 for Thiago Tavares.


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