Winner Of Franklin Vs. Henderson Will Coach TUF 9, Fight Bisping

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin confirms to AOL Fanhouse that the winner of the UFC 93 main event between Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin will be the opposing coach of Michael Bisping on the ninth seaon of The Ultimate Fighter:

“I have not personally spoken to Dana, the UFC or any of the production people about [TUF 9]. Six weeks in Vegas, I’ve gotten to the point where I could care less for staying in Vegas for that period of time. It’s time away from my family and time away from doing the things I can do to make money. The show doesn’t pay very well. But anything the UFC asks me to do, I’m always on board for. I guess they would more than likely – whoever, between Dan and I wins – they’d do that fight at 185 pounds. How that makes sense to me I’m not sure, but I take it one fight at a time. So if the UFC comes to me and says, `We’re doing the Bisping fight at 185 pounds,’ then it is what it is.”

As great a fight as Rich Franklin and Michael Bisping could likely have together, and keep in mind this is even if Franklin can get past Henderson on January 17th, it's could lead down a road that really goes no where. No one, including Franklin based on that quote, want to see him back at Middleweight. Franklin is a dangerous opponent for Bisping and with a loss it kills Bisping's momentum and proposes Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin 3.

Alot more than one may initially think is on the line in the main event of UFC 93. Don't miss it.


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