CompuStrike Stats For UFC 95: Sanchez Vs. Stevenson

CompuStrike stats for UFC 95: Sanchez vs. Stevenson are now online and can be viewed by click HERE. The event took place from London England this past Saturday and below you can go inside the numbers for the main event

Inside the Numbers: Round one was essentially a boxing match, Stevenson landing a few straight right hands and Sanchez scoring with a few uppercuts in a slightly more varied attack. Each man missed a takedown attempt and the action remained standing throughout. Stevenson was 19 of 67 in the first, for a 28% connect rate. Sanchez was busier, more accurate and a bit more versatile, landing 33 of 82 total strikes (40%) including 3 of 9 leg strikes. Stevenson sustained a small cut near his left eye.
The second opened with a bang, as Sanchez hurt Stevenson with punches in the first minute. Stevenson went down and Sanchez took his back, but was unable to make any progress and the bout returned to standing action. Sanchez varied levels and mixed in a few kicks to keep Stevenson guessing, while Stevenson restricted himself almost completely to punching at the head. Midway through the round, Stevenson clamped a guillotine attempt on Sanchez, who was forced to slam Stevenson to the mat to break the hold. Sanchez also made an unsuccessful submission attempt in the ensuing scramble. Stevenson was 13 of 48 in the round, 27%. Again, Sanchez was both busier and more accurate: 31 of 69 total strikes landed for 45%.

In the third, Stevenson upped the intensity, throwing and landing more strikes than in either of the previous two rounds (29 of 82, 35%). Still, his attack remained predictably about throwing arm strikes to the head. Sanchez again exceeded Stevenson's output, landing 38 total strikes out of 111 (34%) to cement the unanimous decision win.

Stevenson's totals for the fight: 61 of 197 total strike attempts landed for a 31% connect rate. Sanchez landed 102 of 262 for 39%. Each fighter had a single submission attempt.


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