Editoral: Quebec Needs UFC More Than UFC Needs Quebec

By Steven Schneider
Feb 13th 2009

MMANEWS.com reported as of late that the UFC was recently notified that their upcoming event, UFC 97, may be in jeopardy of being cancelled unless stringent, ridiculous, outrageous, preposterous, absurd, laughable (you get the point) rules were followed.

According to Sportsnet sources, the Quebec Athletic Commission is re-evaluating rules that govern the sport of mixed martial arts within the province. Some of the rules that the commission is contemplating a change to is a MUCH smaller cage than what the UFC currently employs (an octagonal shaped cage), the prohibition of elbow and knee strikes and requiring that the referee temporarily stop the fight if a fighter should be knocked down from a strike, so the ref can ensure the fighter is able to continue. Sounds like a boxing match to me.

I can pretty much state without reservation that 100% of the UFC fans reading this have their eyes wide open in disbelief. Yes it’s true. This proposed change is pure madness. Have the Quebec Athletic Commission members lost their ability to think sensibly? Do they actually believe that the UFC will cave to this insanity or is it that they simply no longer wish for the UFC to be in Montreal? I cannot speak for Dana White or anyone else associated within the UFC organization, but I can virtually guarantee, or at least I hope that they will not capitulate to this insanity and have their MMA fighters step into the cage to put on a boxing match.

Mixed Martial Arts is not solely boxing. Hello Quebec Athletic Commission members. Are you listening? Do you understand the difference between MMA and boxing? MMA is a sport and also an art form that involves many facets of fighting, which includes but is not limited to wrestling, the use of elbow strikes, knees and kicks, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, etc. The Quebec Athletic Commission wants the UFC to preclude its fighters from using many of their tactics in their arsenal. That’s like instructing the Marines that they can only fight with a knife or ordering the Air Force that it can no longer fly missions.

It is rumored that the cause for these changes is due to the incident regarding GSP and him possibly being greasy in his last fight with B.J. Penn. I personally believe that GSP is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and he would never instruct or wish to cheat in any shape or form. I do not believe that anyone in his corner purposely applied a liberal or any amount of Vaseline to his body in order to gain an advantage over his opponent. He wouldn’t need to do that. He’s too good a fighter that he needs something like that done. Anyway, because of the allegation, the Quebec Athletic Commission has proposed these changes and they are all laughable.

The UFC does not need to promote their sport in Canada as they do quite well here in the states. If Montreal insists on these new asinine rules, it is my opinion that the UFC will no longer be supplementing Canada’s economy by hosting bouts there.

Everything written herein relating to the direction that the UFC may possibly take upon being met with the Quebec Athletic Commission’s “new proposed rules” is the sole opinion of this writer and nothing should be inferred that the UFC neither agrees nor disagrees with anything written above.


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