Fighters Only Magazine Launches US And Canadian Editions


`Fighters Only’ – the World’s First Monthly Mixed Martial Arts Magazine Launches US and Canadian Editions — today Feb 24 2009

Fighters Only Magazine, the world’s leading mixed martial arts and lifestyle magazine, which is distributed and sold in 13 countries worldwide, today launches dedicated US and Canadian editions.

In the first US issue of Fighters Only Magazine, read a magazine world exclusive with UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, who sheds light on the ambitious expansion plans he has for the sport, and why he believes the world’s fastest growing sport has captured the public’s imagination.

In the first interview Fertitta has granted to a sports publication, one of the leading figures and driving force behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship describes his upbringing, the early days in which the UFC struggled to break into the mainstream, outlining the events which led to its phenomenal success.

Fighters Only has been the biggest-selling, market-leading magazine in the UK with an international team of writers delivering the highest-quality news, views, features, interviews and insight on mixed martial arts for the past 4 years.

Now published every four weeks — 13 issues a year — Fighters Only reaches mixed martial arts fans in four different continents and has become the premier media source for the sport in the world, rivalling any magazine publication.

Fighters Only sees the US as the largest and most powerful market in the world for MMA, growing exponentially. Moreover, with Canada’s loyal and passionate fan base, Fighters Only wanted to deliver another version of the magazine with a more distinct Canadian `feel’ to give those fans an MMA publication of their own..

The Canadian launch edition of Fighters Only, also on sale today, February 24, features a world exclusive interview with UFC welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre.

On April 3 2009, a German issue will also launch, making Fighters Only the most far-reaching magazine publication on the sport anywhere on the planet.

Fighters Only magazine publishes the 50th issue of its UK edition in 2 months’ time, and the company has every intention of growing, improving and delivering — in quality – alongside the phenomenal growth of the sport worldwide.

Fighters Only magazine is already a market leader, but aims to deliver the biggest interviews – and insight – for fans, followers and the fighters themselves.

Fighters Only CEO Rob Hewitt said:

“This is a very exciting time for everyone at Fighters Only and fans of MMA. We consider ourselves to be true innovators in what is naturally an innovative industry.”

“We were the world’s first monthly MMA magazine, the first to launch a monthly digital edition, the first to deliver MMA industry awards and the first to offer readers 13 issues a year.”

“We’re now ready to bring our innovative approach to North America”

The expansion is a sign not only of the brand’s success but that Mixed Martial Arts, popularized by the UFC, is taking the sporting world by storm.


About the Sport
In 2008 the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) dominated the US top 15 PPV events with 8 events, while boxing had 4 and WWE had 3.
In 2006 the UFC had a gross PPV revenue of $222.8 million, the most any promotion has made in PPV history.

About the Magazine
Fighters Only was the world’s first monthly Mixed Martial Arts and lifestyle magazine launching in the UK in 2005.
By 2008 the magazine was on sale in 13 countries world wide
Dedicated US and Canadian editions launch 24th February 2009
Dedicated German Edition launches 3rd April 2009


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