Keith Jardine Not Interested In Fight With Rashad Evans

From MMA Fan House:

MDS: Would your friendship with Rashad Evans prevent you from fighting him for the title?

Keith Jardine: Absolutely.

MDS: Well, let's say you beat Rampage, and then, just talking hypotheticals, maybe you beat the Chuck Liddell-Shogun Rua winner, and Rashad goes on a run, maybe he beats Lyoto Machida and keeps defending his title a couple more times after that, you win a few more fights, and you two establish yourselves as the top two light heavyweights, and Dana White, Joe Silva and Lorenzo Fertitta all sit you down and say they want you to fight Rashad for the title. You'd tell them no?

Jardine: You know, a lot of things would have to happen for that to take place. That's a great problem to have. I hope that happens. We'll see what happens then. That'd be a great problem to have.


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