St. Pierre Camp Fires Back With Response To Penn Allegations

The team for Georges St. Pierre has fired back with a response to the NSAC against the allegation's from BJ Penn that the GSP Camp cheated during their UFC 94 bout by applying excess vaseline to the UFC welterweight champions body in between rounds. You can read the complete filing from the camp from the LA Times by clicking HERE


Following the filing of a letter with the Nevada State Athletic Commission on behalf of B.J. Penn a few weeks ago, the camp around Georges St. Pierre has done the same. Head trainer Greg Jackson, cornerman Phil Nurse, holistic healer Steven Friend, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach John Danaher, responded in kind to the Commission.

In the letter, Camp St. Pierre says they “vehemently deny any allegation as to the intentional and illegal use of 'grease' for Georges' benefit during UFC 94.” The statement goes on in great detail, with supporting letters from St. Pierre's coaches, that it was his skill and training that made him the better fighter over Penn that night, not the application of Vaseline.

The controversy stems from cornerman Phil Nurse being seen between rounds using his hands to apply Vaseline to St. Pierre's face then placing them on the welterweight champion's chest and back. Penn's camp has alleged since the incident that the application of the Vaseline was done intentionally as to give St. Pierre an advantage over the Hawaiian, thus negating his guard game on the ground.

The filing by Camp St. Pierre talks in great detail about the breathing technique used by Mr. Friend that was implemented by Phil Nurse during the fight, and how this technique has been used in previous MMA fights, by other fighters as well.


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