Aleks Emelianenko Talks Rematch With Cro Cop And Josh Barnett

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How many seconds would you last against your brother? Do you think about a rematch with Crocop?

I never thought about a fight with my brother, because we will never fight against each other. We offered a rematch to Crocop many times, but he refused; and now Mirko is not the same anymore; his last fights showed that. And my loss to him should not be overestimated. I was only 23 years old then, my fourth fight in MMA, and Filipovic was already a top fighter.

I read your interview in a newspaper where you said that you would beat anybody. Don't you think there's nobody really left to beat at this point?Nogueira, Silva, Couture are old and beaten – Mir, Gonzaga, Herring – not interesting and beaten – and today's champion Lesnar – he's laughable to look at! Whom would you like to fight?

Agreed, there's nobody to beat, so that's why I don't care who I fight with. I want to fight who others consider the best.

I would love to see your fight with Cheick Kongo! Can you tell us if you have a will to rematch Barnett and Crocop?

I already answered about Crocop earlier. We offered Barnett a rematch and he refused. But last summer in America, during the first Affliction show, he came up to me all green and with shaking lips said “Sasha, I agree to fight with you”. Therefore, possibly, revenge between us will take place.

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