Cole Miller Looking To Beat Up On Junie Browning At UFN 18

Cole Miller talks to about his UFC Fight Night 18 bout with Junie Browning:

“I just really want to whoop his ass,” Miller today told ( “I really, really would like to just go in there and smash him… I had to wait two months [after surgery] to find out if [my knee] was going to heal itself. The recovery was about three months, then it took me about two or three months for a training camp. Here we are eight months later… [The UFC] asked me if I'd be interested in Junie. I said, 'Yeah, sure. Why not? Sounds like a good fight to come back to off of a knee surgery.'… A lot of people were talking about him because he's controversial. I think it was a good fight for me to take, but he's definitely a step down for sure, as far as a quality opponent.”


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