Exclusive: Bobby Lashley Talks Shamock, Guida, Training And More

By Chris Howie
March 13th, 2009

MMANews.com was able to talk with Bobby Lashley earlier today regarding his upcoming fight next weekend in Pensacola, FL for Roy Jones Jr’s MMA/Boxing hybrid, “March Badness”.

Originally scheduled to face Ken Shamrock, that bout was scrapped when Shamrock tested positive for performance enhancing substances. Although not one hundred percent sure, Lashley has heard the rumor that he may be fighting Jason Guida.

“I think yeah.” Lashley told MMANews. “I don’t know anything about him to be honest. I’ve heard little tidbits here and there but all I know for sure is that he is Clay Guida’s older brother.”

Lashley, who only has one professional MMA bout under his belt, was looking forward to the bout with Shamrock and was a little disappointed when he found out about the change of plans.

“I wasn’t disappointed in Ken for testing positive. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to fight him. The guy is a legend so I can’t bad mouth him.” stated the former professional wrestler. “Shamrock would have been a good test. Even though he is a little older he is considered a dangerous opponent. Getting in there with him is fitting for my style because I like to go in and take people down and ground and pound them and go for submissions so I think with Ken, it would have been a good test for me. Having a name like Shamrock on your record is a good thing.”

Although frowned upon by pretty much anyone out there in the professional sports world, Lashley feels for Shamrock and hopes to fight him somewhere down the line.

“If he had anything in his system I don’t think it was because he wanted to have an advantage over anyone. I think it was because he wanted to train longer and train harder. I don’t think Ken needed an advantage over the last guy he fought. If he was doing something to keep his body in shape so he could continue to fight I really don’t care. So be it. If Ken can’t fight in the USA and wants to go to Japan and do it over there, let’s do it . If nothing else I’d love to be able to train with him or fight him to learn some tricks of the trade. He would be a person that could help me.”

Bringing a solid wrestling background with him into the sport, Lashley feels he has a lot to learn and is taking all the steps to become better everyday. His first fight was in December 2008, a first TKO stoppage of his opponent and that was something Lashley feels really helped him.

“It was good for what I got out of it. It was my first time so I wanted to see what it felt like to get into a cage. I felt comfortable and that was a good feeling for me. In the first couple of matches you want to get in and finish as quick as possible and I did that and we went right back to the drawing board to work on my game. I new to this MMA world so there is a lot I want to learn and accomplish. There is no sense going out and having wars every time out so I went out there and got the job done quick and felt good doing it.”

Headlining professional wrestling gigs around the world and being part of an extravaganza like Wrestlemania means that people are going to know who you are. Coming into the sport of MMA means people are going to want to see you fail and also means fighters will be coming for you but that is a pressure that Lashley welcomes.

“There is a lot of pressure being me. I can’t just come in and be a newcomer to MMA. It’s hard to come out and test things out because I have to go out there and win.” said the 1-0 newcomer. “I like the pressure though. It makes me work harder. If you don’t have to win and want to go out there and make some money and say you are a fighter than you can go out there and do anything but if you have a bull eyes on your chest you have to train accordingly. You have to be ready. I’m willing to sacrifice everything and move forward and be the best.”

The best way for people to respect you is to get in the cage and showcase your skills and what you bring to the table, something Lashley hopes to do as often as possible this year.

“I’m going to stay prepared and when it fight comes up we’re going to jump on it. I want to stay active as possible and by the end of the year I hope to get at least five fights in. If I can, I’ll fight every month.”

As for his fight next weekend,

“Whether I’m fighting Ken Shamrock or Joe Schmoe off the street I’m going to be ready and prepared and it’s going to be a helluva fight. So check it out.”


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