Gil Melendez: I Only Have One Friend At 155lbs, And Thats Nate Diaz

Gil Melendez clears the air on where him and Josh Thomson stand:

“I want to make things really clear — I’ve only got one friend in the 155-pound weight division, and that’s Nathan Diaz. Josh is a training partner. Yeah, if I win this fight, and he never wants to fight me again, we can (train together). If I lose this fight, I’m not going to be very happy and I’m going to want to fight him again. It’s just awkward, because he’s a good guy and I respect him, but at the end of the day, I can’t be making friends with 155-pounders. Maybe some guys can hug and be friends — it’s just not in my nature to do that and go fight a guy like that. I’ve gotta get some aggression towards him and want to hate him. It’s nothing personal, but that’s just how you’ve gotta to be. At least I have to be, to pull out the beast.”