Lorenzo Fertitta Talks Buying UFC With Fighter's Only Mag

UFC Chief Lorenzo Fertitta talks about buying UFC in 2001

Talking exclusively in his first sports magazine interview, Fertitta reveals for the first time how his attorneys questioned the decision to buy the then ailing Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2001.

Interviewed in the US launch issue of Fighters Only magazine he admits that his attorneys could not understand the value in his $2m purchase. “…I had my attorneys tell me that I was crazy because I wasn’t buying anything. I was paying $2 million and they were saying `What are you getting?’ And I said `What you don’t understand is I’m getting the most valuable thing that I could possibly have, which is those three letters: UFC. That is what’s going to make this thing work. Everybody knows that brand, whether they like it or they don’t like it, they react to it.”

Whilst last year the 30 UFC events sold out in a matter of days, Fertitta goes on to reveal that in the beginning the company was a money pit. “It was like a never-ending black hole. I didn’t know when it was going to turn […] it was scary because we just kept writing checks”.

The full 6 page feature can be read in issue 1 of Fighters Only, available in the US from Barnes and Noble, Borders, 7-Eleven, Walden Books, Hastings and Books-A-Million. Fighters Only was the world’s first monthly MMA and Lifestyle magazine launching in the UK in 2005. The launch of the US edition is accompanied by the simultaneous launch of a Canadian edition with a German edition available from April 2009. For more information on subscriptions and where to purchase Fighters Only from visit:



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