“March Badness” MMA/Boxing Results: Lashley, Roy Jones Win

Ryan Clark of MMASCOOPS.com wrote the following report of the “March Badness” MMA and Boxing PPV, featuring Roy Jones vs. Omar Sheika, Bobby Lashley vs. Jason Guida and Jeff Monson vs. Roy Nelson.

The opening video airs and here we go!

They plug the main event for boxing. Jones vs. Omar. The co-feature is Flores vs. Herra. They then run down the MMA card.

Dennis Hallman vs. Danny Ruiz in an MMA fight is up first. Ruiz is out first followed by Hallman. They do the introductions. About 1/2 the arena is filled thus far. Here we go….. Hallman shoots in for an early takedown but fails. They both go to the ground where Hallman is in control. Hallman won at 1:50 in round one with a rear-naked choke. Tapout.

They go right to the next fight and it's MMA for you!

Din Thomas vs. Gabe Lemley is up next! Lemley is out first followed by Din Thomas. They do the introductions and here we go. Din stops an early takedown attempt by Lemley. They stand early on with Din finally grabbing a leg and taking Lemley down. Thomas throws down several punches on the ground until Lemley's head gets caught in between the ropes. The ref. jumps in and has them restart. Din lands several more shots. Lemley is able to get up. Din hits two hard left hands followed by a NASTY knee square in the face. The ref. jumps in and stops it. Good stoppage.

They air backstage videos of Roy Jones and Omar Sheika warming up. That's the main event later tonight.

Bobby Lashley vs. Jason Guida is up NEXT!! They air highlights and previews for the match. Comments from both Lashley and Guida. Jason Guida comes out first followed by Bobby Lashley. They put over wrestling. They are really pro boxing and pro MMA tonight. They event bought up Lashley vs. McMahon at WrestleMania 23 w/ Donald Trump as well as a streetfight with Vince McMahon. HAH! Seth Pretuzelli noted that “If you can beat Vince McMahon, you can beat anybody.” They noted that Lashley still loved pro wrestling but also liked the MMA aspect. Lashley shoots in early but it is defended. Lashley lands a right but it does no damage. Another right hand nails Guida but he takes that well too. Lots of clinch fighting here. Lashley goes for a single leg takedown but that fails as well. Lashley is looking for the takedown over and over. The ref. seperate the two. Lashley comes out on the attack and lands a series of shots. Both men do look tired though. End of round one.

Round two starts out with Lashley landing a good right hand and then raises the leg up taunting Guida. A MAJOR side slam by Lashley slams Guida to the mat. Lashley on top now with Guida doing a great job in guard. Lashley lands a few punches while on top although Guida has a good guard. They get tied up in the ropes while on the ground and the ref. restarts it in the same position in the middle of the ring. Lashley controls this round while being on top of Guida almost the entire time. Both rounds look to be Lashley so far.

Round 3 starts with the two clinching up. Lashley lands some hard shots but Guida once again takes them. Lashley is being pushed tonight for sure. Lashley shoots in and takes Guida down but Guida has a gouetine choke and it's in GOOD! Wow, Lashley is about to tap but…. NO. He prys Guida's hand off somehow. That was close. Lashley was near tapping for sure. Lashley regains control on top. The crowd starts to booo as Lashley stays on top and does little to nothing. Both men exhuasted here. Lashley wins round three as well in my opinion. Not a very exciting win at all.

The official scores were 30-27 by all three judges for Bobby Lashley.

Boxing is up next. Two fights.

B.J. Flores vs. Jose Luis Herrera for NABO cruiserweight title is in progress. We're in round 7 now. Very boring fight here. I'd give it to Flores so far. He's going to win this for sure if it keeps going this way. Not much here though.

An MMA fight featuring Roy Nelson vs. Jeff Monson will be up next followed by the main event of Roy Jones Jr. vs. Omar Sheika for the NABO Light heavyweight championship.

B.J. Flores and Jose Luis Herrera are now going to the 8th round. Flores still has control of this fight. Herrera lands a few shots here in the 9th. Both guys are still working hard. I'll give them that. BJ owns the 10th round for sure. Lands some good shots at the end of the round.

Two judges scored it 99-91 for B.J Flores. I did not catch the other judges score but it was in favor of B.J. Flores is all happy in his post-right interview. Yay. MMA fight is up next!

They are airing a pre-lim boxing fight right now before the Nelson-Monson MMA fight.

Roy Nelson vs. Jeff Monson is up NEXT. They air videos hyping the fight. Monson comes out first followed by Roy Nelson. The announcer does the normal introductions and here we go!!! Nelson takes Monson down to the ground and gets top position. Monson is in half guard here trying to defend. This is Nelson's round. The crowd hates this fight as even the announcers are talking about them while trying to still put this fight over. Both men finally get back to their feet. Nothing here as well as the round comes to an end. Lets hope round two is just a tad bit better?!?

Round two starts with Monson going for a takdown but it is reversed with a double underhook by Nelson. Both men use each other to get back to their feet. Lots of clinching here. An inside trip by Nelson on Monson takes him down. Monson powers right out and gets right back to his feet. Wow, incredible power. More clinching on their feet as the crowd gets bored. Monson hits some nice knees. The crowd booo's. This one should go to Monson.

All three judges scored it 29-28 for Jeff Monson.

Roy Jones Jr. vs. Omar Sheika in the main event is up NEXT to end this very bad show so far.

They do the National Anthem first.

Omar Sheika makes his way to the ring first followed by Roy Jones Jr. They do the ring introductions. Huge pop for Roy as it's his hometown. Here we go. Roy comes out and looks NASTY. He nearly kills Omar in round one. Big shots by Roy all over. Rights, lefts, fast combo to the body. The old Roy is back! Round one was all Roy.

Round two starts off with Roy landing a huge right hand. Roy landing great hooks. He's in a grove. Omar has no return here as round two ends. All Jones Jr. right now. Roy looks too fast.

Roy lands a few jabs in round three and then starts dancing. Roy gets clipped in the corner but fires right back and taunts Omar some more. Big left hook by Roy to end round three but Omar takes it. Roy has all three rounds so far.

Roy continues the kill in round four and then five as well. A cut develops over Omar's nose in round five. Roy continues to jab and land punches. The ref. eventually jumps in and stops it in the fifth round. Roy was just owning him the entire fight. Roy looked great tonight.

FULL VIDEO: Bobby Lashley vs. Jason Guida [VIEW INSTANTLY HERE ….]

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