Miguel Torres Hopes To Move Up In Weight Later Down The Road

WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres talks to Ariel Helwani about what may be in his future:

“The future is bright for 135. I want to fight here for another two or three years, and once I have solidified myself at 135, I plan on moving up in weight. I can’t fight forever. I can dominate 135 for the rest of my career and be comfortable, or I can test myself and be out of my comfort zone and try to make more money. I think fighting at a higher weight class, there will be bigger purses, bigger paydays and more high-profile fights. So, I am looking to do that in the future. To go to 145, I wouldn’t get a huge bump (in pay), but if I were to go to 155 and get a three-fight deal (in the UFC), I am sure I could get a huge increase in pay. And then (I can) always come down to 135 or 145.”

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