Announces Official Launch

Joe Lear sent along the following:

Huntington Beach, CA 3/20/2009: Joe Lear, owner of Big Boxing Inc, which popularized the Back Tattoo Advertising craze in the sport of boxing, announces the launch of his latest venture It stands for Media, Marketing and Advertising for Mixed Martial Arts. Lear’s corporate goal is to create and develop synergistic alliances between Fighters, The Media, Promoters, Sponsors and Managers in order to offer extremely effective advertising packages and powerful public relations.

“Think about it – Promoters need media and sponsors to effectively promote and operate their fight cards. Sponsors need to integrate their products into the MMA lifestyle and need custom ad packages and a serious PR campaign. Fighters and Managers need sponsors and publicity in order to position themselves for larger pay days. Finally, the media needs to know information fast and from the source. So, in order to give the industry what they need, MMA4MMA simply puts everyone into one package!” Lear states while describing his unique business model.

Ken Pavia, president of comments that, “Joe is great at connecting people and companies together in a way that creates new business and value to current projects.” Pavia has a stable of over 50 professional fighters, which have done media and sponsorship deals with Lear in the past. “My guys enjoy working with Joe, as his deals include media which gives an added value to the fighter.”

Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer explains, “Joe Lear’s ability to create synergy between companies and the spokespeople they seek has always created a natural fit for all the deals he has brought to the table. I usually negotiate all myself but I am very comfortable allowing Joe to be my “Buffer” to get the job done to benefit all involved.”

“It’s all about creating business, building synergies wherever possible, and working on each project to completion. It’s exactly what I love to do. The results help everyone in the end, and the industry grows!” says Lear in closing.

For more information on this unique and highly effective business model, please go to or contact Joe Lear at [email protected]

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