Report: NSAC Unlikely To Fulfill Penn Camp Wishlist has the scoop from the NSAC's Keith Kizer

Kizer said it his interpretation that Nevada statutes currently don’t support the commission having the jurisdiction to adjust the results of the bout to a “no contest” given the specific circumstances. Kizer said a bout can only be ruled a “no contest” on four different occasions: the scorecards were added incorrectly, collusion occurred (where a referee was paid off), the referee misinterpreted a rule that effected the outcome, or there was the use of non-approved drugs or steroids.

“The main thing here [for Tuesday’s hearing] is let’s see what happened in the fight and let’s find out what happened from Phil [Nurse] and Greg [Jackson], what happened and why it happened, ” said Kizer. “Secondly, let’s figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now whether it goes beyond that is up to the commissioners — and it may or may not.”

Kizer’s expectations are a bit tamer though.

“What I see happening is something along these lines: a very strict warning to Phil, a warning to everybody that there’s no place for this, and maybe something [determined] along the lines that every corner can have one designated Vaseline guy and that guy can not touch the fighter anywhere else on his body, except for his face, until the end of the fight,” said Kizer.


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