Shane Carwin: I'm In The Best Shape Of My Life


Anytime that I go into the Octagon it’s the same thing for me, it’s a fight, I get amped up. I know that guy’s training to rip my head off and I’m training to rip his head off and that’s just how it goes. I love to be in there, there’s something about being able to punch somebody else in the face and being able to take those shots too. I don’t mind being hit. I see it as a chess match on the feet and a major part of the game that I happen to have fun with. My game is constantly evolving, I’m still pretty young to this sport. My stand-up and my jiu-jitsu have to come up to par with my wrestling. [Gonzaga] is a well-rounded opponent, I’m not gonna force a takedown or anything, I can see it taking place on the feet or on the ground and submissions are something that I’m very comfortable with. [With] my cardio right now where I am, I’m in the best shape of my life.


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