UFC 96 Results: Brandon Vera Vs. Michael Patt

From Sherdog.com:

Brandon Vera vs. Michael Patt

Round 1
Vera chops away with a low kick before launching a flurry of punches to open the bout. Another good leg kick exclamates a one-two. Vera, in a southpaw stance lands a head kick that is partially blocked. Vera drops Patt with a hard leg kick then let's him back up. Vera picking Patt apart with just about everything he throws. He finishes another combo with another vicious leg kick. Brandon Vera takes the early lead 10-9.

Round 2
Patt tries to mount some offense to begin the second but Vera easily avoids his strikes. Vera then lands another buckling leg kick that leaves Patt teetering before he finishes the job with a follow up kick to Patt's left leg. Patt struggles to make it back to his feet when Vera refused to follow him down to the mat. Once he rose it was academic. Vera sealed the victory with another kick to Patt's lead leg, one he could not get back up from. Yves Lavigne halted the bout at 1:27 of the second round giving Vera the much needed win.


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