UFC 96 Results: Gray Maynard Vs. Jim Miller

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Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller

Round 1
A Maynard right cross scores first against the stalking southpaw Miller. A leg kick lands for Miller, and allows him to push forward into the clinch. Maynard lands two stiff knees to the body before they disengage. Miller continues to chase down Maynard, but fails to land. Maynard lands a stiff right cross, and two sharp hooks to the body for the best contact of the bout. Miller responds with a mean left kick to the body. Miller drops levels for a low single, but Maynard defends expertly on one leg, hammerfisting Miller in the head while he remains upright in a brilliant display of takedown defense. A bloodied Miller continues to press the single leg to no avail. Maynard breaks away with 90 seconds left in the round. Miller's nose is bloodied and there is mild swelling around his eyes. Neither fighter can connect with rushing two- and three-punch combinations. A wild lead uppercut from Miller lets Maynard score an easy right cross, and a botched Superman punch attempt at the end of the first round lets Maynard put a stiff hook on Miller's face in a great opening round for “The Bully.”

Round 2
Miller begins the round, pushing forward once again. Maynard comes forward with a slapping right hook which is blocked. Stiff leg kick lands for Miller. A hard inside leg kick lands for Miller, and referee Dan Miragliotta tells him to watch the groin. Maynard wades forward, and lands two out of three hooks to the body to Miller. Another inside leg kick from Miller forces Maynard to adjust his cup, and Miragliotta warns him that another low kick will result in a point deduction. A head kick is blocked by Maynard. Maynard throws two heavy 1-2 combos, neither of which lands. Miller drops for another low single, and after Maynard defends, Miller attempts to pull guard, but “The Bully” stands back up, and they reset standing. A body kick by Miller is blocked, and Maynard cuts him off with another clean right cross. Two soft leg kicks by Miller, who is then caught with a grazing Maynard hook. Maynard lands a hard right hook to the body. Both flurry in the last 10 seconds with neither landing.

Round 3
Maynard blocks a one-two combination from Miller. A right hook, left hook to the body, right cross from Maynard is entirely blocked by Miller. A restless Columbus crowd boos as the output of each fighter decreases. Maynard with a short right hand, and Miller returns with a solid kick to the body, as his corner begs him for more of the same. Miller rushes for a shot, but Maynard easily defends and shrugs him off. Maynard jabs, and shoots for a takedown of his own. He pinches Miller's knees, and slams him to the mat. Stacked against the fence, Miller dives for a kneebar, and attempts to spin out of his own attempt in order to get top position, but Maynard gets to his feet and doesn't allow the New Jersey native to get on top. Another low Miller single is met with great defense from Maynard, who pancakes him hard on the mat. Maynard gets a front headlock, stopping Miller from pulling guard. As Maynard steps away to stand, Miller dives for his heel, and Maynard exhibits more brilliant takedown defense. As Miller pulls guard, Maynard dropps some hard left hands inside a loose, weak guard form Miller, who is badly fatigued after his failed takedowns. Maynard stands back up with 20 seconds to spare, as Miller walks him down with no offense until the horn sounds. A dominant performance for the former Michigan State Spartan wrestler.

Gary Maynard wins via a unanimous decision


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