UFC 96 Results: Pete Sell Vs. Matt Brown

From Sherdog.com:

Pete Sell vs. Matt Brown

Round 1
A Matt Brown head kick is blocked to start. Brown lands a superman punch, and the lands another superman punch. Sell looks hurt, and goes down on a Brown left-right combo. There is an awkward moment as Sell topples over, as Brown thinks the fight is over, but referee Yves Lavigne implores, “Go go go go!” Brown dives on Sell, dropping with a series of knees. Sell holds on feebly to a single leg, until Brown gets back to his feet. Brown continues to land punches and kicks all over Sell, who eventually just falls over as Brown pushes him away. An incredulous Brown, who is in disbelief the fight isn't over yet, lands two right hands that bobble Sell's head on the mat, forcing Lavigne to stop the truly bizarre beatdown at 1:32 of the first round.


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