UFC 96 Results: Quinton Jackson Vs. Keith Jardine

From Sherdog.com:

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Keith Jardine

Round 1
Ramapge walks straight across the cage, and ties up with Jardine, pushing him to the cage. The two each have over-unders in the clinch. Yves Lavigne quickly breaks the two after they exchange weak knees. Jardine rushes in with a chopping right hook which is blocked. Jardine lands his first leg kick to the lead leg of Jackson. Jardine on the perimeter of the cage, launching short punching attacks that Rampage blocks. A one-two from Jardine lets Rampage step inside and clinch up. Jardine drops, and works for a single leg that Rampage powers out of with an underhook. Rampage looking to duck under and throw a hook, but Jardine is able to step inside and tie him up. A jab and looping right from Jardine graze Rampage. Jardine drops in another lead leg kick. A right cross grazes Jardine and wobbles him momentarily. A Jardine body kick is caught ,but Jardine escapes before Rampage lands. A Rampage uppercut lands when Jardine steps in, and Jardine quickly circles away to escape Jackson's offense. A soft Jardine teep lands. Rampage lands a right cross, and lands a left cross chasing Jardine across the cage.

Round 2
A soft leg kick lands for Jardine. Jackson lands a harder leg kick of his own to Jardine's lead leg. Jackson grazes with a left hook, but misses the right hook follow. A lunging Jardine kick is blocked by Jackson. Jardine a mild leg kick coming forward, but Rampage pushes him away. Jardine with a leg kick and a left cross. Jardine lands a leg kick, and Rampage lands a left hook. Jackson pushes forward, and lands a bigger left hook that deposits Jardine on the mat. Jackson follows him to the mat, flurrying with punches. Jardine scrambles to his feet, but his left eye has begun to swell as he absorbs more punches from Jackson. Jardine appears fatigued, as Jackson changes levels and easily takes him to the mat. Jardine is able to escape from the bottom of side control and get to his feet before Jackson can do any damage. Jardine's hands are now down on his hips as he takes the center of the cage. A Jardine kick catches Jackson square between the legs, as referee Yves Lavigne halts it momentarily before Rampage regathers. Jardine lands an uppercut that puts Rampage on his heels, and follows through with a barrage of hooks that put Jackson in momentary danger. Jackson lands a left hook on Jardine. A strong right cross counter lands for Rampage, who pushes Jardine back to the fence and clinches up to end the seesaw round.

Round 3
A stiff leg kick from Jardine, who evades a two-hook combo from Jackson. Rampage with a soft body kick as Jardine lands a straight right. Rampage ducks under a Jardine combination, and gets an easy double-leg takedown. Jardine uses an underhook to stand-up from half guard, and Jackson pushes him to the fence, missing with an uppercut before disengaging. Two mild leg kicks from Jardine land, and a third is met with a tired right cross from Jackson. An awkward right cross lands for Jardine. Jackson looking to land his left hook in winging exchanges, but unsuccessful thus far. Jackson reels Jardine momentarily with a counter right cross but can't follow up. Jardine with a lazy double-leg attempt, but Jackson easily stuffs it, and turns him into the cage. Referee Yves Lavigne breaks them apart with just under a minute to spare. A Jackson right cross lands, and he lands three left hooks in wild, winging exchanges. A soft Jardine right hook lands. Two head kicks from Jardine are blocked by a tired Jackson. With less than five seconds to spare, Jackson parries a lazy cross from Jardine, and lands a left-right combo that puts Jardine on the mat, clinging to a single leg as the round ends.

The official scores are 30-27 and 29-28 (twice) for Jackson.


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