UFC 96 Results: Tim Boetsch Vs. Jason Brilz

From Sherdog.com:

Tim Boetsch vs. Jason Brilz

Round 1
Boetsch attacks with uppercuts right off the bat while Brilz covers up. Brilz tries for a takedown but isn't close. He wants he fight on the ground and does get Boetsch down, but Boetsch gets up quickly. On the feet, Boetsch looks more comfortable throwing various strikes. Brilz is flat-footed. Boetsch jabbing and following with big uppercuts when Brilz covers up. 10-9 Boetsch.

Round 2
Brilz gets the fight where he needs it — on the ground. He takes side control and works short elbows to the face and knees to the body. Boetsch tries to roll out, but Brilz controls him well. Brilz is still on top, punching to the body. He tries a guillotine with the arm in, but Boetsch escapes and gets to his feet. 10-9 Brilz.

Round 3
Brilz closes the distance again to start the round, but he can't get a takedown. Still the threat of a takedown has slowed Boetsch's striking. Brilz shoots again and a scramble ensues. Brilz wins the scramble and goes to Boetsch's back. He doesn't mount much offense, but he's in control. Boetsch breaks away, but he's tired and Brilz nullifies the standup by grabbing a single-leg for another takedown. Brilz moves to side mount and mount, where he punches and cuts Boetsch for a strong finish. 10-9 Brilz. Official scores: 29-28 three times for Brilz.


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