Yves Lavigne Says He Made Mistake At UFC 96

MMA referee Yves Lavigne talks making a mistake at UFC 96 during the Matt Brown and Pete Sell fight with the Canadian Press:

Lavigne, generally considered on of the top-tier referees in MMA, said he made two mistakes — trying to stop the fight too early and then allowing it to go too long.

“I did let Mr. Sell take maybe — not maybe — I let him take a beating for absolutely nothing,” he told The Canadian Press. “So I didn't do my job properly. So basically, I screwed up. I screwed up and I'm going to learn from it and try not to do it again. … I'm going to make sure not to do it again.”

Brown stunned Sell with a Superman punch and several kicks to the head before flooring him with a left-right combination less than 30 seconds into the welterweight bout. Lavigne rushed in and appeared to stop the bout, grabbing Brown before he could hit Sell on the ground.


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