Thursday, December 2, 2021

Alistair Overeem Talks Odd Ways Of Dieting

Robert K sent along the following:

Alistair Overeem is as charming as ever in his latest interview. He once again tells us how awesome he is and credits a horse meat diet for much of his improved form (Is that what the kids call it nowadays) .

You've come a long way in past two years. What have you changed?

I changed my diet, I changed my coach and when I really think about it — I changed everything. From my girlfriend to my training and diet. Before I ate a lot of vegetables that are healthy but contained little energy. Now I mainly eat a horse meat, rice and protein shakes. I got rid of my old coach who was in charge of my fight strategies. It simply wasn't working. I just started to think about what I had to do to become a better fighter.

I kid you not that is an accurate translation. The interview was conducted by Croatian sports magazine (Translation by Robert K)

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