Complete Results For MMA Big Shows: Heavy Hitters


MMA Big Show: HEAVY HITTERS – April 11th at Belterra Casino Resort & Spa — RESULTS

This past Saturday, April 11th saw MMA Big Show present its latest action-packed MMA event. A raucous crowd of over 1,000 screaming fans took in the fights, including several members of the Cincinnati Bengals. MMA superstar “NYBA” Phil Baroni provided color commentary as fight fans ate up the action, and heart-stopping rock band Lorenzo got the evening started off with some thrashing music. The first eight fights of the card were amateur, followed by three pro fights. Here are the results of the event:

– In the opening bout of the evening, welterweights Jimmy Keefer and Brian Crawford went at it. Keefer simply overwhelmed Crawford, winning by TKO at 0:24 of the 1st round.

– In the second battle, lightweights Chris Anness and Michael Ormes fought a back-and-forth battle before Ormes caught Anness in a triangle and elbowed his way to a TKO stoppage at 2:12 of the 1st round.

– The next fight saw middleweights Jason Evick and Matthew Schanz go to war. Evick put up a valiant effort before succumbing to Schanz’ ground and pound attack (TKO) at 2:04 of the 2nd round.

– In more amateur welterweight action, Jason Moore showed off his flourishing ground game, locking a combo triangle/armbar on T.J. Stone, coaxing the tapout at 0:51 of the 1st round.

– The action continued in the 5th fight of the night as welterweights Tim Kelley and Coty Barron went at it. After a Barron takedown, Kelley seemingly pulled an arm-triangle out of nowhere, getting the win by submission at 2:18 of the 1st round.

– In a first, two fighters from the same school looked to settle their differences as Daryl Ray and D.J. Smith went to battle. After some stand-up exchanges, Ray took Smith down, eventually working his way to a straight armbar at 1:52 of the 1st round.

– Welterweights Tony Parker and Chase Messina fought next, with Parker quickly taking down Messina, getting his opponent’s back, then cinching in the rear naked choke at 0:56 of the 1st round.

– In the 8th fight of the night, MMA Big Show Amateur Lightweight Champion Chris Bennett looked to defend his title against Dan Mundy. In an impressive performance, Bennett pulled guard and locked in a tight armbar, getting the tapout at 0:56 of the 1st round.

– The 9th bout saw the pros go at it as welterweights Jared Combs and Elonzo Harvey entered into battle. After exchanging punches and kicks, Combs caught a lunging Harvey with a solid left, sending him to the floor. Several unanswered punches later, Combs was the victor, getting the TKO stoppage at 1:06 of the 1st round.

– The next fight was all Dave Hess, as he took Bo Huitt down and latched on an armbar, winning the heavyweight contest at 0:39 of the 1st round.

– In the main event, MMA Big Show Heavyweight Champion Brian Heden looked to get a big victory over a name opponent, as he scrapped with UFC veteran Josh “Heavy” Hendricks. In a hotly-contested 1st round, Heden and Hendricks took it to each other, not holding back. Heden stole the round, putting a punctuation at the end with a solid combo that stunned Hendricks. The crowd was loud as the second round began. After more stand-up action, Hendricks took Heden down, eventually getting Heden’s back and flattening him out. “Heavy” unloads, causing the ref to stop the bout and award the TKO victory at 2:52 of the 2nd round. Josh “Heavy” Hendricks is the new MMA Big Show Heavyweight Champion.

The action was bone-crushing, the fighters were surging with adrenaline, and the crowd went home happy. “Heavy Hitters” had it all: submissions, knockouts, and everything in between. It was a success.

The next MMA Big Show event will be Saturday, June 20th, as “CONVICTION” takes hold of the MMA world. In the most anticipated MMA Big Show bout to date, undefeated welterweight kingpin “Relentless” Roger Bowling will take the next step in his blossoming career as he takes on War Machine, the fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver. More information on this event will be released shortly…

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