'CroCop' Says His Head Is Clear, Ready For Productive Stage In Career

From Novatv.hr:

“I’m in a final stage of my career. I don’t know if that means I have three, five, 10 or 15 fights left, but I know one thing for sure … this is going to be the most productive part of my career. I’ve resolved in my head things that were bothering me. I had to answer the question do I still want to train so hard every day. And now I’m certain that I do. It’s not about the money anymore. I’ve made enough money throughout my career. I realized I don’t know how to live without fighting. And people who ask me why don’t I end my career with 35 years…well, maybe they didn’t have anything in their lives they were devoted to 100 percent. I’m just asking them to try to understand me, I can’t live without fighting. So please people, stop giving me advice to quit! I know one thing now, One day when I stop fighting — a part of me will certainly die. My recovery is going better than any doctor expected. I believe my first fight could be on DREAM 9.”


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