Dana White Still Not On The Fedor Band Wagon

Dana White lets loose in an interview with Carmichael Dave:

Carmichael Dave: Let me guess why it is stupid business. You guys make money and give the fans what they want based on one fight…but when he beats that ass, and leaves the UFC…the entire heavyweight division forever has the dreded “asterisk” on it. It in essence gives Fedor all the bargaining chips.

Dana White: Oh jesus! You live in fanboy internet land! If he beats ass and has all the bargaining chips?? What the f*** does that mean? He signs a deal he's happy with then fights and cleans out the division. He PROVES he's the best. Pretty clear and simply. You guys try to make it out to be some crazy conspiracy or some bullshit. I have done deals with thousands of guys that are way more famous than him.

We bring the fans all the fights they want to see already. You don't do a one fight deal with people in the fight business. I don't do it with people you've never heard of, so why should I do it with him? And if he's so great, he needs to fight more than once to prove it…


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