UFC 97 Results: Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Rua

From Sherdog.com:

Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio Rua
Round 1
Rua digs in a hard low kick to the left leg of Liddell. Rua grazes a right hand on the top of Liddell’s head. Liddell stands tight in close range and bangs out a three-piece and a biscuit. Rua counters with a right hand that lands clean. Rua lands another right hand and a hard low kick. Liddell tries to return fire with a low kick and he’s taken down easily. Liddell fights to get to his feet while Rua ties up his left foot in an inverted heel hook. Liddell escapes and both fighters stand. Liddell stuffs a takedown attempt and lands a right hand. For a change, Liddell gets a double-leg, but he stands shortly after. Rua drops Liddell with a messy left hook. Rua swarms with his right hand on the fallen fighter until referee Mario Yamasaki shows mercy at 4:28 of the first.


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