UFC 97 Results: David Loiseau vs. Ed Herman

From Sherdog.com:

David Loiseau vs. Ed Herman
Round 1
Montreal's own David Loiseau emerges to thunderous applause while Herman is roundly jeered. Two spinning back kicks to Herman's face to start the round. Herman body locks Loiseau and takes him to the mat, where he gives up his back. Herman pounds away while Loiseau covers up. Loiseau tries to stand but Herman bullies him down. Herman tries to take his back and gets one hook in. Loiseau tries to stand and Herman takes him down where he continues to chip away with punches. Herman is on Loiseau’s back and drops some nice knees to his body. Loiseau is covering up and making no attempt to escape. More knees to the body from Herman before Loiseau finally stands into the clinch against the cage to end round one. 10-8 Herman.

Round 2
Loiseau misses with a spinning back kicks that sails over Herman's head. Herman takes Loiseau down and goes into his full guard, where he drops punches and elbows. Herman gets full mount and Loiseau gives up his back. Herman loves the knees to the body and again Loiseau is on his knees covering up. No effort from Loiseau and Herman is completely controlling the fight. Loiseau gets to his feet, and yet again Herman gets him down. Up again, and the pair clinch against the fence. The crowd cheers when Loiseau avoids a takedown. Loiseau launches a right hand, but slips and falls. 10-9 Herman.

Round 3
Loiseau stuns Herman with a snapping-left hook and then they clinch against the cage. Herman is pressing into Loiseau and lands some knees to the torso. Herman rushes in and gets a powerful double leg takedown. Loiseau gives up his back and stands up. Loiseau slips again as he tries to throw a left jab and Herman gets three knees to the body of his downed opponent. Herman in full mount and Loiseau finally squirms out. Loiseau with a weak body kick, then ends the round with a “Superman” punch. 10-9 Herman.

The official judges see the bout 30-27 (twice) and 30-26 for Ed Herman.


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