UFC 97 Results: Mark Bocek vs. David Bielkheden

From Sherdog.com:

Mark Bocek vs. David Bielkheden
Round 1
They come out and touch gloves then clinch against the cage, where Bocek presses and lands some knees to the thighs. Two reverses and Bocek grabs a leg and takes Bielkheden down to half guard. Bocek is grinding his forearm on Bielkheden’s face and he moves to side control. Bocek is looking strong on top and moves to full guard. Bocek posts and lands a few punches. Bocek tees off and moves to half guard, then immediately to side. A hard elbow by Bocek and then he goes back to half guard. The crowd starts to chant “Ole.” Bocek takes mount begins to unload as the crowd goes nuts. Bielkheden gives his back and Bocek wins by an amazingly quick rear-naked choke at 4:57 of the first.


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