UFC 97 Results: TJ Grant Vs. Ryo Chonan

From Sherdog.com:

Ryo Chonan vs. T.J. Grant
Round 1
The Canadian Grant walks out to thunderous applause, while Chonan comes out with Dan Henderson to meet an indifferent crowd. Low kick by Grant to start the fight and Chonan counters. The fighters are trading hooks and Chonan judo throws Grant to the ground and moves into side control. Grant works busily on his butterfly guard and makes for Chonan's arm but no luck. Grant gets full guard and Chonan attempts a few week hooks from top. Grant attempts to throwpunches from the bottom and the crowd chants “TJ, TJ.” Grant goes for an arm again and again Chonan escapes. Chonan stands up to drop a right hand and falls back into full guard. Pretty sweep by Grant and he regains his feet. Trading punches and Grant skips underneath a Chonan left and takes him down into half guard. Chonan escapes and they get back to their feet. Wild haymakers from both end the round. 10-9 Grant.

Round 2
A four-punch combination from Grant and then they clinch against the cage. Chonan works a single-leg takedown and gets Grant down. They’re on their feet and it's Grant’s turn for the takedown, and ends up on Chonan’s back briefly before going to guard. Chonan posts up and drops ineffective single shots. Again in Grant’s full guard, Chonan tastes an upkick to the face. Chonan tries for an ankle and Grant rolls out to take his back. Again Chonan rolls into guard to end the round. 10-9 Chonan.

Round 3
Chonan connects with a few punches to the face and misses with an uppercut. Grant ducks underneath another punch and takes him down into half guard. where he delivers short elbows and is looking to pass. Chonan grabs a leg and puts Grant to his back in half guard. Now in Grant’s full guard, Grant tries for a triangle, but Chonan has none it. Both fighters looking tired as Chonan stands out of guard, only to have Grant kick his foot out and Chonan falls back into guard. Grant takes a single and puts Chonan down and Chonan gives up his back. He looks to escape but Grant won't let him up and briefly traps his left arm to deliver some solid shots to Chonan’s unprotected face. 10-9 Grant.

The official judges see the fight: 29-28 for Chonan and 30-27, 29-28 for the winner by split decision, T.J. Grant.


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