Saturday, December 4, 2021

Brett Rogers Ready For Andrei Arlovski At Strikeforce June 6th


“When I found out I was fighting Arlovski I was excited. I remember watching him when I was younger. After that, I reminded myself I can’t get caught up in all that. I’m pushing all that aside because Arlovski is just another fighter now … I was supposed to fight Alistair Overeem and he got hurt. In my mind, this Arlovski fight will be better for the fans. I know Arlovski likes to stand and bang and I like to do that too … I have been focusing on my cardio and cage control. Arlovski is a lighter heavyweight so I will need to be well conditioned and control him. If he get careless or crazy I will have to check him and put him against the cage…When I go in there I just like to hurt. That is all I think about. After I knock out Arlovski, I will establish myself as a Top 10 fighter…I had my mind set on that Strikeforce belt so I will deal with Alistair after this fight.”

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