Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fedor Plans On Fighting In Japan, Talks Anderson Silva

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On Fighting In Japan: Would you rather have been really fighting someone instead of just grappling with Aoki? What motivated you to take the exhibition match in the first place?
Emelianenko: Of course I want to fight in a real fight, especially in Japan. We are now in the process of negotiations with Dream and other companies, other organizations, but we have not reached any concrete decision yet. Regarding this exhibition match, I was ready to show myself to the Japanese fans — I think we've missed each other a lot. Of course, I wanted to show my technique to the Japanese fans, who are always supporting me.

On ANderson Silva: After the fight, Anderson Silva and his manager, Ed Soares, recently expressed in an interview with Yahoo an interest in possibly fighting you in the future. As a top pound-for-pound fighter yourself, what are your thoughts on Silva and a potential fight with him?
Emelianenko: He's two classes lighter, and there's no possibility to negotiate with fighters still in the UFC. But if there is any possibility, of course we are open to proposals. He's said to walk around at 215 pounds — about 15 pounds lighter than you — and his contract will eventually be up someday. Is there a time in the future that you can foresee fighting him?
Emelianenko [After taking a moment to confirm the weight issue with his interpreter]: Why not?

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