Saturday, November 27, 2021

Heath Herring: Winning Is Everything Inside The Octagon

Heath Herring talks to about the differences between Pride and the UFC:

“In Pride, I used to take fights on 10-day notice, one-week notice. And as long as you went out and put on a good show, you were fine. You’d be back next time. UFC’s a little different. And I think the drawback of that is that sometimes you get really boring fights. You have guys that are worried about winning; they’re not really worried about putting on a show. I think you’ve seen that in the last couple of events in the UFC, and that’s the double-edged sword…. It’s a lot of added pressure and stress. I think the most important thing is to go out there and put on a good show. There’s other organizations out there, other promotions out there. I think at the end of the day, even if the UFC was to cut me, I’ll go back to Japan or find somewhere else. Worse things have happened.”


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