Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jason MacDonald Says He Has Been Cut From The UFC

From Jason's blog on

I got my walking papers from the UFC.

I received an e-mail Saturday from the UFC, from their legal department, saying “my services were no longer needed” and “my contract has been terminated.”

It was one of those form letters and at the bottom it said “this is in large part due to your loss in the UFC.”

I’m obviously very disappointed. But I’m not at all angry with the UFC. I’m well aware of the fact that I’m paid to perform. And the reality is three of the past four fights, I’ve lost.

I spoke with UFC match-maker Joe Silva and we are still on good terms. He said to go out there and put together some wins and they’d like me to be back. I’ve always had a positive relationship with the UFC, and even Joe said I was always a pleasure to deal with.

But this is a business decision.

The UFC has been great to me and they’ve been great to deal with, so there are no hard feelings at all. I understand it’s just the nature of the sport. Especially nowadays, with so many fighters, it’s more important than ever to win fights.

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