Friday, November 26, 2021

Machida: My Base Is Machida Karate And It's Difficult To Understand

Newly crowned Light Heavyweight Champion talks to about defending his title and the difficulty in matching up with him:

“I’ve been training with a new physical trainer and I’ve been working on being a lot more aggressive. At that particular moment, as soon as I hit him and I felt that he felt it , I knew in my heart that right then that I had to go in and finish the fight. And that’s what I did…. I don’t think intimidation [when defending the title] will be a factor. It’s really just how their styles will match up with Machida karate – that’s my base. Some guys have a base in jiu-jitsu and some guys have a base in Muay Thai. My base is in Machida karate and it’s a difficult style to understand.”

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