Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Phil Baroni Ready For War Against Joe Riggs On June 6th

NYBA Phil Baroni hypes his June 6th bout with Joe Riggs are yesterdays Strikeforce press conference in St. Louis:

“Really, there's not much to say. Joe's 25 years old and he'll have his day. On June 6, I'm knocking him the (expletive) out. I'm going to (expletive) him up bad. I'm going to bust him up the whole (expletive) fight. It's up to him how long he wants to last. Whether he wants to last one round or he wants to last three – I'm going to (expletive) him up.” “Never mind being in shape. I'm not thanking anybody for being here. Any promotion that has me, it's lucky for them. No one's kissing anyone's asses. I'm just ready to fight and beat the (expletive) out of him.” “He looks like he's been overtraining. I'd say he's about maybe 155 (pounds). You don't look like that big at 170 right now. Something's wrong with him.” “I asked my agent – I said 'hey get me a southpaw to fight.' My agent's pretty stupid. He said 'What's that? He didn't know what a southpaw was. So, I said “It's a (expletive) left-handed fighter. I'm real good at fighting lefties. Lefties are made to order for me. They eat straight right hands and I've got a pretty (expletive) big one. I'm going to put it right on his kisser.” “It's do or die for me and I ain't (expletive) ready to die. I got a lot of fighting left in me. Joe's young. I'm a man now and I think he's a boy. Someday I'll probably commentate for Joe when he's fighting for a world title. This is my time. I'm going to take care of my business and that starts with Joe and everyone else at 170 pounds with Strikeforce.”

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