Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Stephan Bonnar Talks Fighting Mark Coleman At UFC 100

TUF 1 Finalist Stephan Bonnar talks to NWI.com about his UFC 100 bout with Mark Coleman:

“I’m fighting a different guy. I have to put the (Jon) Jones fight and that strategy behind me. In that fight, I kinda got knocked off my strategy, which was not to clinch with him. I hadn’t fought for so long, so it was all about doing more and pushing a little harder. And I should’ve just trusted that I was in shape and tapered down a little more. I remember the Tuesday before the fight, I trained really hard – I thought I needed to. And I usually don’t do that. But you’re gone for a long time, and your worry is that you’re not doing enough. You keep pushing harder. For a while, I’ve been like, `I want a good, veteran name,’ and [Mark Coleman is] that and also, I remember when I first saw him, I was scared to death of him. It’s really good to face your fears.”

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