Tuesday, November 30, 2021

UFC 98 RESULTS: David Kaplan vs. George Roop

Credit: Sherdog.com

David Kaplan vs. George Roop
Round 1
Kaplan lands a decent leg kick. Another. Roop misses a head kick. A jab from Roop opens an existing cut on the bridge of Kaplan's nose. A hard right cross from Kaplan. Both guys are lunging for punches that miss. A stiff right kick from Roop connects with Kaplan's body. Roop is moving well and starting to pick apart Kaplan with jabs and front kicks. Good right uppercut from Roop, but Kaplan's unfazed. Kaplan pins Roop along the fence and drags him down. Roop gets up. Kaplan's “Greatest American Hero” blonde mullet bounces in the wind. 10-9 Roop.

Round 2
Roop jabs well. Roop misses a huge flying knee and falls onto his back. Roop pulls guard. Kaplan wails away to no avail. Roop scrambles up. Kaplan tries a single leg but Roop defends. After about 20 seconds, kaplan scores it. Roop scrambles back up. Some good left jabs from Roop. Kaplan battles for and gets another takedown. Pretty dull fight thus far. Kaplan in Roop's guard. Kaplan, exhausted, is flailing away. Roop alternating between closed and butterfly guard. Very close round. 10-9 Kaplan.

Round 3
Roop looks very fresh. Kaplan? Not so much. Kaplan lands a decent leg kick. And another. Kaplan gets a single-leg takedown after really battling for it. Kaplan moves to side control. Kaplan scores a full mount. Roop scrambles and bucks Kaplan off. They're up. Roop stuffs a takedown. Both guys look very tired now. Kaplan pins Roop into the fence. He's trying another single leg. Roop breaks away 30 seconds later. Meager head kick by Roop. Roop is pinned against the fence again. They both throw wild strikes to close out fight. Very, very close fight. Could go either way. 10-9 Kaplan.

The official judges see the bout 29-28 Kaplan, and 30-27 Roop (twice.) Roop takes the split decision.

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