Tuesday, November 30, 2021

UFC Veteran Mikey Burnett To Officially Announce Retirement In June

Eric Nyenhuis sent along the following:

Mikey Burnett Announces Retirement

UFC fighter Mikey Burnett will officially announce his retirement next month in a public press conference in Las Vegas. After a long career with the UFC, Burnett is throwing in the towel after agonizing injuries sustained over the years.

Jamaica, New York May 16, 2009 – – UFC fighter Mikey “The Eastside Assassin” Burnett will officially announce his retirement in June during a public press conference at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Burnett has been with the UFC since the original owners as well as being a member of The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback. He has come to a final decision after dealing with nagging injuries sustained over his 15 year career. It’s in his best interest to himself and his family that he addresses the on-going issues publically. Burnett obtained a broken neck during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter 4 in 2006.

Mikey Burnett asks, at this time, to be given his space to deal with his family. All questions will be answered on June 18th with Hard Hittin’ Multimedia. Management will be hosting the press conference and addressing any pending issues.

This event will be held in accordance with HD Fight Net during the UFC weekend. It’s pool side deck at the Pink Taco located outside of the Hardrock Hotel.

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