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CompuStrike Stats For Strikeforce, Diaz Throws Nearly 400 Punches

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From CompuStrike:

Nick Diaz will never be accused of not letting his hands go. Diaz broke his previous CompuStrike record for total strikes thrown in a round (181) when he unloaded 221 in the second round vs. Scott Smith enroute to a third round submission win.

More importantly, Diaz landed a CompuStrike record 125 total strikes in that second round (57%), shattering Michael Bisping’s record of 105 landed in the first round of his ko win over Elvis Sinosic. 117 of Diaz’s total strikes landed were arm strikes (56%), another CompuStrike record. He also attempted a CompuStrike record 210 arm strikes in the round. Diaz outlanded Smith 125-15 in total strikes in round two.

The CompuBox record for punches thrown in a round (three minutes in boxing- mma is five minutes rounds) is 237, by Vince Phillips on 12/22/00 in the 12th round of his decision win over Ray Oliveira. Rocky Gannon landed a CompuBox record 99 punches in the fourth round of his ko win over Undra White on 9/13/96.

Diaz landed 25 total strikes per minute in the second round vs. Smith, throwing 44 total strikes per minute. Gannon landed 33 punches per minute vs. White, while Phillips threw an amazing 79 punches per minute vs. Oliveira.

In other action, Joe Riggs had a 70-26 edge in total strikes landed in rounds two and three. Riggs mixed up his attack in round two, landing 12 arm strikes and 11 ground strikes among his 30 total strikes landed.

More diversity from Riggs in the third, as he landed 15 leg strikes (8 kicks and 7 knees) and 24 arm strikes among his 40 total strikes landed.

Of Riggs’ 77 total strikes landed for the fight, 37 were arm strikes, 22 with the legs and 18 on the ground.

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