Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Florian: Diego Should Be Careful What He Wishes For

Number one UFC lightweight contender Kenny Florian replies to Diego Sanchez's challenge following his win over Clay Guida last week via the Boston Herald:

“That’s a [rematch] I’ve wanted for a long time now. (Sanchez) should definitely be careful what he wishes for. If he thinks the same thing is going to happen, or I’m the same fighter at the same experience level, he’s going to be in for a surprise. I think he’s going to be saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes’ on the way into the ring and, ‘No, no, no’ on the way out of the ring if he faces me. It’s a completely different time and I’m a completely different fighter. I definitely don’t think he’s evolved as much as I have, that’s for sure. He’s fought at 155 twice already and he has yet to finish any opponent. He’s seen what I’ve done in the weight class and the fighters that I’ve fought and I think he realizes that, although he won the show, I’ve done bigger things in my weight division than he did at 170.”

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