Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gina Carano Talks The Legitamacy Of Female Fighting


“Strikeforce is taking female fighting seriously and I feel like I’m definitely part of something, rather than a freak show one-woman act here. The UFC is like the older brother, like where you always wanted to do, so to actually have the option of being the first female to be a part of that was great. I thought I’d been putting in work here at Showtime and women are finally starting to get recognition. There’s this Cyborg fight that everybody’s stoked on, and I just felt that if God really wants me to be a part of something, then I feel like being part of something as a group with all of the other female fighters and building something up, rather than being this one-person show is going to be better for the females that come after me. I feel a part of something (in Strikeforce) and I think that’s more important than just looking out for me.”

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