Thursday, December 2, 2021

James Wilks Talks Winning TUF, Being The Underdog

Season 9 Welterweight Champion James Wilks talks during the post fight press conference for The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale about being the underdog coming into the bout:

“I saw the Sportsbooks yesterday, I think my friends were trying to keep them away from me. I was the underdog and not the favorite but that didn’t really affect me at all. I just thought, `They don’t know what I’ve been doing in training, they haven’t seen enough of me really to judge my skill level.’ So I really didn’t take that into account at all I was just focused on the fight. I remember I heard `thirty seconds left’ and I wasn’t able to sink the choke, he had his chin down. By the time I trapped his arm with my leg I felt confident I’d be able to finish it – if there was enough time. I think there was only six seconds left or four seconds left or something. It was pretty crazy. I really didn’t know [I had it] until he tapped.”

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